Getting the Big Picture

        Life is just overwhelming. Work is demanding, relationships are draining, and bills are ever-present.  We are a people who are maxed out, stressed out, worn out, washed out, and run out. It’s hard to believe that there is a big picture being painted for our whole lives, because today’s events seem […]

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What a Powerful Name it Is…

              It is a typical morning in Jinja, maybe a little cooler than most recent mornings thanks to a gentle breeze off the lake. But with the equatorial sun burning through the few remaining clouds in the sky, the oppressive heat promises to be back in full force sooner […]

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Hope Does Not Disappoint…

  The relentless sun beats down on orange dirt. An occasional breeze brings relief like an oasis in a desert. A footpath masquerades as a road, jostling and bumping us with every pothole and uneven piece of earth. Women with infants strapped to their backs wield hoes, struggling against the dry and bitter soil. They […]

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Getting the most out of your short term mission trip to Africa

Your plane tickets have been purchased, the antimalarials prescribed, and the camera batteries are charging. Your anticipation is high. You’ve seen the pictures of the beautiful African children with the stunning scenery behind them, smiling and hugging their new white friends. You’ve watched the sweet videos them playing football (soccer) with their  ball, so full […]

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You Were There…On Every Road

You were there//You were there in the midst of the unclear//You were there//You were there always//You were there when obedience seemed to not make sense//You were there, You were always there//you were always there As I drive down these dry dusty roads that lead to lots of little lovelies, the words to this familiar song […]

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Lost Sheep in New York City

We were standing along the corner of 8th and 49th street in New York City, waiting for our bus to arrive. It was cold and dark and yet people were busy going here and there in the city that never sleeps. I saw her standing there, about 5 years old, bundled up in her blue […]

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Dry Season

    I returned to a different Uganda than I left in December. The land that I left was lush, green, and full of life. Not too hot in the day time with cool breezes and rains at night. After all, that is rainy season here. It is quite pleasant and enjoyable. But now it […]

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Ready for a “Better” 2015?

As I spent time reflecting on the challenging year that has just passed,  I could only keep thinking of how much I wanted 2015 to be better. Happier. Healthier. Easier. There it was…easier. How I crave easier. I chase after it, complain when I don’t get it, and feel cheated when it evades me in […]

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