The Road Less Traveled

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The Road Less Traveled-this was the title of the Medical Missions Conference I attended last weekend in Kansas City. It was for medical professionals who had an interest in mission work, and had an international focus. Friday’s main morning session featured a man by the name of David Nasser, an author and speaker who is passionate about speaking to the church about living out the mission. He compared the poem of Robert Frost-The Road Not Taken, to the call of a medical missionary. The poem begins: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both…” . To those of us who have been called by God to serve somewhere outside of our comfort zone, we have a choice. The first is to take the path which is safe, well laid out before us, and worn with the footprints of those who have traveled before us, or to choose the road “less traveled”. This road, as Frost describes it, is “grassy and wanted wear” and in the end, he decides that the road less traveled is the “one that made all the difference”. This is the road that is a little more difficult. Now surely, both roads have their bumps, obstacles, and potholes along the way. Either one is a journey. But the road less traveled is the one that we may hesitate to take when we hear God’s prompting to “GO”. It’s the one that looks a little more risky because it is kind of full of weeds and not well trodden. There might be snakes in there…and bugs of unusual size. You may not be able to see the whole path…in fact at times you can barely see where to place your foot for the next step. But when the God of the universe that gave everything for you in the sacrifice of His Son asks you to take this road…you are left with a choice. For me, I am choosing the road less traveled, because I trust in the One who makes all the difference.

Part of starting down this path included a stop off at this conference. I was able to learn and practice some new skills-like difficult obstetric cases, suturing, and wound care in a low resource area. I was able to hear stories of others who have taken this path before me. They gave practical advice and lots of encouragement. We studied cases in tropical medicine assessment and treatment, and had a chance to look at what God’s Word says about caring for those that the world has forgotten.

Little did I know, that God had even more in store for me than what would be presented in that conference. After the last session was finished on Saturday, I had the chance to just relax and spend some down time at the hotel. The one theme that continued to go through my head was actually a question “What is compassion?” Not the textbook definition, or what I always thought it was, but what was Jesus’ definition of compassion? I felt compelled to really study it, and I was sure I would see it in a new way. I wasn’t disappointed.

I started with Matthew chapter 9,  Verse 36 says “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. ”  He then tells His disciples that there is a harvest that is plentiful, and they should pray for God to raise up workers to go into His fields. Immediately after that He commissions them to his service, and gives them the power and ability they need to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, drive out the demons, and even raise the dead.  He tells them to proclaim the gospel everywhere they go, but He recognizes that people’s physical needs are important, and must be tended to so that they might have an opportunity to also minister to their spiritual needs as well.

Later on in Matthew chapter 15, when Jesus again “has compassion” on the crowd, he then tells the disciples to feed them…all 4000 of them!
In Matthew chapter 20, he had compassion on the blind men and then healed them.

What’s my point? When ever Jesus “had compassion” it was always followed by an action. It wasn’t only talk, it wasn’t just a feeling…it was an ACTION.  This was so eye opening to me, and such a great concept to grasp. He is the one calling me down this “road less traveled”. He is calling me to have compassion on those that He loves in Uganda. The broken and the forgotten. The orphan and the widow. The untouchables and outcasts. He has commissioned me to use the gifts and abilities He has given me to care for the physical needs of those who have little to no access to health care. All the while, I will have the ability to share truth with them about the Great Physician who wants to heal them not only physically, but spiritually as well.

This road I am traveling down is not an easy one. All I can do is trust Him to walk before me, and behind me, and all around me as I go. He continues to remind me that this is His thing…His mission, and His ministry. I have already been amazed at how He is preparing me to go, and providing for all of my needs. I know that will I be glad I said “yes” to following God on this adventure, and I look forward to seeing the things He has for me to do. My prayer is that this road that is not often taken will make all the difference…not only for me, but for those I meet along the way.

More of Him, and less of me.


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