My Story

Uganda  (132)Imagine living in a place where access to healthcare is not a right. Where life saving procedures, medications, and services are withheld from those who cannot afford to pay in full up front. Where malaria plagues the nation and kills thousands upon thousands of infants and children as well as adults who have little or no access to treatment. Where HIV/AIDS affects nearly 1/3 of the population, and leaves millions as orphans. For the vast majority of Uganda’s 35 million people this is not just their reality-it is their life.

Uganda is a beautiful country that lies on the equator in Eastern Africa. It is home to a friendly, hospitable people who are thankful for what they have. Uganda is an impoverished nation, with over ½ of the population living on less than $1 per day. The life expectancy is only 52 years. When much of our world looks at the situation in Uganda, they see it as hopeless. My prayer is that when Christ followers look at Uganda, they see an opportunity to ACT!

My name is Ashley Elkins. I am a 30 year old flight nurse, and I currently reside in Raleigh, NC. My love affair with Uganda began in October of 2009, when I went with my church, Journey, on a mission trip. That first trip wrecked me in the most beautiful way. It led to another…and another…and well, six trips later, I have finally surrendered to God’s call on my heart to move to Uganda and serve full time as a medical missionary.

It is a blessing to be able to share the gospel in such a tangible way-caring for the body and the soul. Caring for people’s medical needs opens a door to introduce them to the Great Healer, Jesus Christ. The harvest in Uganda is ripe for the taking, and Christianity is flourishing! I feel so privileged to be called to a country that is seeking so hard after Him, and to have a chance to show the love of Christ to a people who are so often overlooked, unloved, and undervalued.

I will be working alongside Arise Africa, a non government organization that is based in Jinja. This ministry is busy planting churches, caring for widows and orphans, starting agricultural projects, and providing village health ministries. I am excited to serve with the incredible staff of this organization, and will be specifically caring for the medical needs of nearly 250 orphaned/at risk young people aged 0-21 years. I hope to also be involved in teaching nursing and community health in the villages, as well as serving the pastors and families of Arise Africa.I am currently raising support to provide for my room, board, transportation, and related expenses and costs of moving.